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  • Solo Strings VOL1

    I am ready to upgrade to the extended version (I think)! Here's my question: In the interface I can see the "Level 2" for Solo Viola, but I don't see any "Level 2" for Solo Violin. What I am looking for is the Sustain without vibrato samples. The description says that it's included with the extended version which should be on the install DVD. I don't see it, though. Any help?

  • welcome moja,

    ahead: it seems you have 3 accounts here ... shouldn't we merge them?


    i can't check currently, but have you downloaded _and activated_ your demo mode #2 licenses (LCC: activate date license)?

    please note no vsldaemon must run if you're accessing licenses on your key using one of the wizards.



    and remember: only a CRAY can run an endless loop in just three seconds.