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  • Daw components!!!

    I just purchased the symphonic cube and would be very thankfull if you guys could give me some tips about how to build my new DAW.

    PC, Win XP64

    Which CPU, Motherboard, Video card, HD and Ram.

    Thanks alot in advance.


  •  Well I'm no pro here but you could use something like Sonar or Cubase to work in. I heard they work pretty good. 

    Do you already have the computer or not? I'd go for a quadcore Intel  CPU if possible. You'll have to find a mother board that works with it though. Chances are that if you go to a computer store and ask, I'm sure they'll match you up with a pretty good one. You'll want 4 gigs of RAM if not more.

    Well that's all I can say right now. I hope that helps. 

  • thanks for the reply,

    Well I am using Cubase since 1990.

    My question was about the PC components. CPU, Motherboard(Are there any that support 16GB with quad core) and HD.


  • This is quite a complex question for various reasons. Even going with XP64 has to be a calculated risk, depending on which plugs you want to use. A good source of information could be found on any DAW builder's Website.


  • Do you have any links to DAW builder's websites?


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    As far as your DAW is concerned,

    The Nuendo forum is great for this;

    And there's also the Cubase forum of course;

    Apart from these, there sure is info around here on win64 bit,

    but as DG said; that sure must be a calculated risk.

  • Hi Medhiking,

    Are you building this DAW yourself or are you having one built. If you are having it built for you there are several companies which can do it and can offer suggestions about what components to include. A search on this forum will return gobs of information on components (I'm guilty of contributing quite a lot of the flotsam [^o)], I'm afraid). I believe Sweetwater builds systems. Just do a google for DAW builders.

    If you're going to be doing it yourself, haunt some forums like cubase and sonar, though this can be confusing sometimes becuase (as on the Sonar forum) there are so many users that it's hard to wade through to get the information you need.

    Even though the users are not putting together DAWs, I've found the comments section on to be excellent and can give you a decent idea of the motherboards and other components which stand out as being very good or as being rather poor. If you do go there, though, don't let one bad comment about a component put you off to it. You have to judge how many people have reviewed it, and then look at the negative comments proportionally.

    Anyway, just random thoughts about where to look.


  • Thank you guys. I will do some research then.