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  • x64 Bit Hardware and Memory Questions

    Hey all,

    I'm about to build 3 machines to host VE.  They're going to ideally be Slave Machines running WINXP64 on which I'd like to use Fx-Teleport to pipe midi/audio to my main DAW which is running cubase 3/4 on 32b WinXp.  I've searched the forum and while it seems that there is lots of info, it just got me more here are my questions.

    I've read through the forums here and am a little confused about 64bit and the requirements for it.  Questions:

    1.  If I can, should I find a motherboard that supports 16mb of memory?  Is that even useful or possible to use with VE and FXT?

    2. What MoBo would y'all recommend for these tasks.

    3. Memory - timings have always been voodoo to me so if anyone can recommend some that would be great.

    4.  Experiences running VE in FXTeleport with large amounts of memory...

    anyway,  thanks for your responses in advance.

    All the best

  • welcome feeserface,

    1) yes with VE, don't know but assume with FXT, depends also on your budget

    2) intel, asus, tyan, supermicro (hors concours: macPro)

    3) the conpatibility matrix in the MoBo manual will tell you - rely on it, the lower the better the more expensive

    4) no significant problems reported so far, though i personally am not the biggest fan of using re-wire

    5) stay tuned - you might read surprising news on this pages early next year


    and remember: only a CRAY can run an endless loop in just three seconds.
  • Christian,

    Thanks for the quick response.  About the MoBo choices...which ones will allow 16g of ram, or should I settle on the more common 8?

    As far as the news for beg of year.  I'm pretty excited.  Are you suggesting I hold off on my machine purchases until then?

    all the best

  • feeserface,

    From your "y'all", I'm assuming you must be from the south -- U.S.? From one hushpuppy to another, most motherboards that support 16 gb are server motherboards -- which tend to be a little more expensive than your garden variety 8 gb boards. The only 16 gb non server mb I know of, off the top of head, would be the Fatality (can't remember the model number, but a google search will find it). There may be others, though. Server motherboards are generally used with xeon processors, so you can use up to two processors on one board. What is your plan for dispersing the Vienna Instruments over the 3 computers? In other words, which libraries go to which computer? 48 gigs of RAM would accomodate quite a lot.

    Christian, you whet my appetite.

    Best, and a happy New Year,


  • I have yet to update my main studio hardware, but I can say that VE seems to work fine with FXT and 8GB RAM (using up to 7.5GB in VE). Performance seems OK, and although loading is slow, I haven't noticed any other bottlenecks. However, be aware that this machine is in Studio 2, and therefore not flogged as hard as my other ones, so there may be performance issues that I'm not aware of.

    However, there is significant CPU usage that happens (presumably) because I'm using 32bit FXT in XP64 and therefore it runs in 32bit compatibility mode. There is a 64bit version of FXT, but I haven't tested it, so can't say whether or not this would be better.


  •  Mahlon,

    No I'm not from the south, but originally from Russia where we have a formal/familiar plural which is missing from 'proper' english and it just seems right to say 'y'all' instead of 'yous' and/or'you guys'.  I do live in the U.S. now, but am based in the left coast of California.   As far as the MoBo's I guess I'll buy 1 or 2 8g systems and wait till 16g is more readily available I guess.

    My plan was to have 3-4 machines.  1-Strings 2.-Winds 3.Brass 4.Perc/Elements.   Each running Vienna ensembles or maybe Chainer through Fxteleport.  However, if you think that's overkill please tell me  as I could use the savings.  I currently am running ESQLSO spread out over 4 machines with 2g each and that seems to work pretty well, but would like to consolodate those onto fewer machines as well in order to lower the electricity bill [:D] (I know this isn't the forum for this but thought I'd give you a general understanding of my usage).

    Ideally I'd be able to build machines that would be able to run both orch libraries in tandem, but if that's not possible I'll work the seperate but equal route.

    all the best