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  • VI question: changing patches using "buttons" on keyboard?


    On my personal Logic 7 template, I set it up to toggle through multiple exs instruments using midi cc's, which I assigned to buttons on my controller keyboard. For example, lets say I have 3 EXS instruments chained together, sus, staccato, and legato violin. Pushing button 1 (midi cc101) selects exs 1: sus violin, pushing button 2 (midi cc102) selects exs 2: staccato violin, button 2 (midi cc103) selects exs 3: legato violin, etc, all from one track in my logic session. This is great for real-time playing/inputing, as I can basically build my own key switch programs, and access them through the buttons on my keyboard.

    I am stumped at a way to apply this same method in VSL VI, as it seems to only respond to continuous controller information. Basically, what I'm trying to do is use the midi cc buttons on my controller just like key switches, where button one (midi cc101) is assigned to matrix one, button two (midi cc102) to matrix two, etc. Is this at all possible? If not, is there any way to use the buttons on my keyboard just like key switches? I dont have a full keyboard, and am constantly changing octaves, making it hard to know exactly where key switches are at all times. Its way easier IMO to just have keys for playing notes, and buttons for changing articulations. Plus the midicc button method avoids extra notes in my scores.

    Do you think an upgrade to allow for midi cc button "key switches" might be useful? Thank you for your help!

  • Hi, I have an axiom 25 which I have configured to do similar to what I think you want to achieve.

    Basically I use the drum pads on the Axiom to send midi note data (in this case very low notes no instrument can play C -4, C# -4,D -4 etc) to the VI which correspond to my horizontal matrices (e.g. for Strings, staccato, short detache, long detache, sus, piz etc).

    I use the mod wheel for velocity x-fade and the pitch bend for legato/portamento selection.

    Hope this is useful.