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  • Special Edition Standard Plus on DVD?

    I'm sorry if this question has already been addressed, but I couldn't find anything in the archives:

    Will the SE Std Plus also be available on DVD?

    (download really sucks here and downloading 16GB would take forever[:(]

    Best regards,


  • no plans for a DVD currently ... the 16 GB is the size of the uncompressed sample database which we recommend as free space on your disk,

    the download of the installer files is 5,5 GB in portions of about 200 MB (i just notice it seems the total download size is not mentioned somwhere ...)


    and remember: only a CRAY can run an endless loop in just three seconds.
  • Is it possible to have a friend download the files and burn the splitted archives for someone? Just asking as I'm curious ;) Is there such a thing like freetime at sunday night for you cm? :D


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    @PolarBear said:

    Is it possible to have a friend download the files and burn the splitted archives for someone?

    of course - if you give him your login credentials ... which i would of course not recommend ... so i would rather visit this friend, have some coffee and take the files with me then ...

    btw: though rainy ... it is saturday 😉


    edit: oops, has _been_ saturday ... already sonday morning

    and remember: only a CRAY can run an endless loop in just three seconds.
  •   One more question :

    (pjak and polarbear, I don't think I'm hijacking the post, since your matters seem to have been clarified, and I apologize in advance if you ever judge I'm wrong)

     - has (is) something been (being) worked out, for people owning SE, AND other full libraries -like solo strings, woodwinds ensembles-, in order to lessen the (steep) price of Standard + ?

    I -and probably many others in my case- would really like to love the idea of purchasing this new title, but I'm (and probably many others in my case are) not :

    I (and probably many others in my case) still think it's not really fair to pay a lot of articulations twice...

    Hence  I -and probably many others in my case- will not "upgrade" without a VIP price.

    Thanks in advance to let us know ! 

  • Rather than suscribe in instalments I would prefer to buy the whole lot in one go but I would prefer a purchase on DVD if possible. So perhaps if enough people feel the same as I do, consumer demand may make this happen

    best wishes 


  • Jo, I feel the same way. A DVD (with maybe even a lower price, like it's with the SE standart) would be much better to me.

  • Just to say that I agree with the fact to give the possibility to buy the whole package on DVD. Migot

  •  I too think that a DVD option for this SE "sequel" should be given to people who bought SE as a DVD.

    In addition, the price should be lowered a bit and, should as well offer a VIP discount for Solo Strings VI's owners who, very obviously, have absolutely no need whatsoever for packs B13 to B24......

  • little by little i feel i should get a discount on my internet bill for reading some suggestions ... grrrmmlll

    and remember: only a CRAY can run an endless loop in just three seconds.
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    @cm said:

    little by little i feel i should get a discount on my internet bill for reading some suggestions ... grrrmmlll



    Is it some kind of 2008 Vienna's attempt at humour ?

    Just let us know how you can reasonably justify users having to pay twice for samples in the case of this new "package", while you were the ones (and I do praise you for that) who established -for good reason- the VIP prices policy..... 

    Before blaming your customers for apparently demanding too much, you should think twice, and maybe realize that you announced that new downloadable products before having really thought of all  implications.

  • whereas VSL is listening to inquiries for instruments or even product configuration there can clearly be no poll or vote on prices and discounts - so this is not even an attempt of humour ...

    - the special edition is a comprehensive compilation from all released Vienna Instruments Collections, i'm estimating ~30 libraries in total

    - there is an upgrade path from opus and other (legacy) sample libraries to Special Edition full with discount on the Special Edition extended library (VIP pricing)

    - there is currently no upgrade path (VIP pricing) from Special Edition to another Vienna Instruments Collection

    - the Special Edition Standard PLUS is intended to represent an extension to the Special Edition

    - as long as there is no discounting on a collection for SE fairly there also can't be any for SE PLUS


    and remember: only a CRAY can run an endless loop in just three seconds.
  • Well, fine,

    this is probably just me, but I still don't really understand the logics in those statements :

    Indeed, rather than justifying the absence of VIP price for SE + by the same absence of discount for SE, I just would hope the other way around, I mean -and it's once again just my opinion- that VSL will instead, someday, realize that it's unfair to other VI's owners (solo strings, woodwinds ensemble, saxophones...) to not be granted a VIP price for SE.

    And this even without taking into account all the basic and useful "lost articulations" from Opus to SE which -as many people already observed, is a strange backward way to "upgrade"....

    My overall opinion is that this lack of VIP price for SE -and then all its sequels- is not consistent with the whole discount policy of VSL.

    But well, as you say,  "there is currently no upgrade path"  So I take it that things may change, and i'll just keep SE+ away from my list of purchase untill the "currently no" turns into something else.....

  • We are working on an upgrading system from Special Edition and Special Edition PLUS to the larger DVD collcetions, but there will never be downgrade VIP prices from Solo String other collections to  Special Edition. 

    In the past there were also only upgrade pathes from Opus1 to Pro Edition, and not vice versa. 

    So this is nothing new.  

    By the way didn' you get an Solo Strings NFR in the past, or do I mix up with a different user?



  • OK with all these changes. Everyone is going to want it there way. Well this must be the reason for the delaying of  the launch. When will the feature request box close so we can start getting the subscription? Because the way it's going, It's a new request everyday. It's well worth the wait. And i  know you guys are fine tuning everything. But you can't make everyone happy..

  • You do mix up with a different user,

    each and everyone of my VSL libs are full paid copies.

    And there's no chance that I would forget such a thing, since I'm not a professional and each cent I spend on a music library is a "lost investment" (if we exclude the fun of using it of course).

    As for this new Pro Ed "example", and even though I would not have been in a situation to take advantage of it, this "no path policy" from Pro Edition to Opus was not logical either, or even fair, IMO.

    I could give solid arguments to defend that position, but what's the use ?

    I see things my way, you see them your way, and these 2 viewings are incompatible it seems.

    So let's wait and see if your sales results say either SE owners are really massively tempted by SE+ under those "unfriendly" conditions, or if, albeit VSL libs' quality, they just get a little sick of this one way policy and choose other ways to expand their sound libs.

  • Everywhere else VSL staff is stressing the "licensing the sounds only" part of the agreement. Just when it comes down to make VSL more attractive to the average non-pro user it seems like an unpleasant bit... Like we couldn't "license" additional sets of samples, but perhaps I'm not getting the essentials right here... Yes I know it is not so easy to get everything working smoothly, and never possible to satisfy everybody - but as I already said elsewhere I'm not too attracted (and I see more and more people with the same opinion now) in upgrading when I see my investments as a dead end in a company's product line. Please consider that an upgrade worth at least 4 times of the product's value to upgrade from is most likely attractive only to a few pro's that just used it as a "teaser" to get the feel. Please also have a look at your database how many VI SE Std/Ext and Opus 1 users are having additional libraries like Epic Horns, French Oboe, Solo Strings, Chamber Strings registered... My bet is that more than the half have at least 1 of these registered, which is also already almost half the money of the SE. What about those using the bundled Kontakt library and won't invest because of the above described? Probably not that many though. I hope you don't get me wrong, as I like the idea of getting SE Plus and the like, yet I have a company in mind which was always and still is listening to user opinions. Afterall I guess we all are interested in a healthy company as well as in a healthy community! Therefore...

    ...just my 2 cents!