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  • Still long data load times and "long notes" question

    I have upgraded the basic software and things were fine up until recently and wondered if Apple security updates could have messed about with VSL data load times? This seems to mainly be an issue for libraries located on alternate drives rather than all on one drive. Does VSL remember data locations and store them for future use? It seems not. ________________________________________________ Also in purchasing Special Edition I noticed only one long note selection and really need them. What's the deal here for users that really don't need as many articulations and more long notes on instruments? Is there some reason that they were not included for all the samples for instruments that could perform them? I have had to switch to Kontakt2 in many cases to find what I need which is a shame.

  • hopefully i understood everything right ...


    data location is stored in the directory manager and kept there - it does not matter if the .dat files are spread across several disks or a single one.


    however - if you move such a location you should re-run the directory manager (without having any VI/VE or related process running, best after a reboot) to make sure all pointers are correct.


    in my experience any update or install process _can_ corrupt permissions, that's why my recommendation would be to do this always after a reboot only To make sure not more processes as needed are running and/or resident in memory) and verify/repair permissions after doing so ... a little bit tiring but often helpful


    and remember: only a CRAY can run an endless loop in just three seconds.
  • Yes you got it right. OK I'll give rerunning directory manager a go. I forgot about that one actually. I tried permissions and found no changes though. I'll be back... Thanks Christian.

  • Yep, good call. I guess I will have to remember that for all MAC Security updates in the future Christian. Maybe make an advisory for other users or some kind of auto sensing of updates when loading VSL, as if you guys don't have enough to think about, :). Any help on the Long notes question? Thanks G

  • i didn't understand the long note question and thought i leave the answer to someone beeing more familiar with the articulations than me ...

    if you are referring to the samples that come with kontakt2 ... what else ;-) ... i can't imagine this *teaser* library has more options than SE


    and remember: only a CRAY can run an endless loop in just three seconds.
  • Well no. Yes there are more articulations but the long note polyphonic ability is what I'm referring to. In-other-words so you can play more than one note at a time like a string line that has a third above or below in one pass. SE indeed has more articulations but not so many of these "long notes" which is how it is named to in your library. I did notice solo cello is one of the few that has this ability in SE but I'm finding the upper end of this particular cello selected for the library is a bit too resonant for two or three part use. I wonder if there is a slightly more distant recording in other libraries?

  • Hello Gary,

    Legatos are monophonic by design.

    Of course there are workarounds, and you will find many of them in our Video Tutorials.

    E.g., if you want to create an "extra" third for a certain tone in our passage, create one cell with a Cell Xfade from Legato to Sustain - this way you will be able to play polyphonic notes right after you have made the legato transition. 

    The Solo Cello is the same that you get in the bigger Solo Strings collection (of course fewer samples). It is the only solo cello we have recorded, and Herb, as a former cello player with the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra, is very happy with it. 



    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Thank you for the reply. Give my best to Herb.