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  • So Many Options... Help Me Understand VSL Packages

    I'm an orchestrator, been considering buying into VSL for a while now. But each time I visit the website I see new options, new packages, and it's all a bit confusing... Horizon series, Special Edition, Ensemble, Orchestral Cube, Performance Tool, EXS compatibility (or not)... it's all a bit too much... So I'm hoping someone can explain the different "categories" of VSL so that I can focus on the right package(s) for my needs. Here's my setup and my needs:

    PPC Quad, tons of RAM and disk space, Logic 7 and Logic 8
    I'd like to use EXS-24 for sample playback but will consider other sample plugs if need be
    I'd like to use the Performance Tool

    Now, I've got a ton of other libraries, but here's what I'm looking for specifically from VSL:

    • strings that are good for Baroque and Classical playing (need "round robin" for repeated notes)
    • string sections that offer modwheel control of brightness (pp - ff)
    • [i]solo[/i] horns with modwheel control of swells
    • ability to construct string sections of different #'s of players