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  • Standard Plus BEFORE SE?


    I wanted to ask if it's possible to subscribe for the standard PLUS downloads without having the the Special Edition?

    I want to purchase the SE Std+Ext when I am getting the pitch for an upcoming games project. The games developer said I would do the music but don't exactly know, when the music production starts. So I want to wait purchasing the SE until I have the contract.

    But I want to get into using the Vienna Instruments/Ensemble very soon.

    So I thought I would subscribe to the plus version as soon as it's available to get a few packages to start learning and as soon as I get the contract I buy the SE DVD Package afterwards.

    Is it possible to subscribe and use the first PLUS-Packages without having the SE? 

    thx, Angel

    P.S.: Merry Christmas :)

    P.P.S.: I already own Opus1 so I CAN do something useful with only a few PLUS-Packs :)

  • Hi Angel,

    it's possible, but I don't know if this makes sense,

    because you will miss all performance legati.



  • thx Herb,

    didn't expect to get an answer so soon. 

    Shouldn't you get parcels ready now? ;-)

    I know it's rather unusual order of buying your products, but as I mentioned: I am planning to purchase the complete Special Edition and just want to get familiar to the interface of the VIs as soon as possible.