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  • How do you load a .fxp file in VI?

    The way I'm use to loading VI files seems different and won't load these (I hope they're Mac compatible) so where do you load them?

  • It's same proceder as usual.

    Preset select page, browser on the right site, and double click on the preset file of your choice.

    To be visible in the browser menu, all your fxp files have to be placed in a folder scanned by the directory manager.



  • Ok, I'm obviously not looking in the same place, I'm only aware of the little rectangular VI box that opens when you load a VI instance, and you have as options: View-Show Channel Strip-Show Insert, and under there are options and one of them is "load setting" I gather that's not what you are referring to.

  • When you click Preset (instead of Perform or Edit Control etc,) on the circle near the bottom of the VI GUI you will see all your Presets in the tree on the right hand side. However, as Herb says, these will only be available if you have either scanned them with the VE Directory manager or have copied them to the new VE Custom folder, which is not in the same default place as the VI Custom folder was.

  • i might be wrong, but hasn't this been changed recently so both (VI + VE) can access //Volume/Users/Shared/VSL Custom Data/


    and remember: only a CRAY can run an endless loop in just three seconds.
  • But do I just drag the file in the directory manager or is there a specific procedure for presets?

  • Ah yeah, there we go, it's not too early that I know about this!