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  • EQ'd the Muted strings

    Does anyone know a good EQ setting for muted strings with App Strings or Orch Strings? They tend to sound a bit harsh to me, and I've heard people use them where it sounds just soft and light.

  • I'd be interested in this too.   What is the best way to "soften" the con sordino strings and minimize the slightly "metallic" quality.  Dietz?


  • Dear Jay,

    you already _have_ "my" EQ for the Appassionata Strings - it's built-in, so to say ;-) ... If I had thought that something is really wrong, I would have taken care for it during the mastering.

    Fact is, that the new Muted Appassionatas are extremely close to the Real Thing. During recording, when I went from the studio to the control room and back again, I always had that certain sensation of "It's just the same like over there!" - which means that I didn't change a lot at later stages. Every departure from this sound is just a matter of taste and completely dependant on the context.


    /Dietz - Vienna Symphonic Library

    /Dietz - Vienna Symphonic Library
  • Dietz--I have no doubt that the sordino strings sound just like the real thing.  But if I wanted (for personal preferences) to soften them, what frequencies would I start with?   EQing remains something that I have little confidence doing on my own.

    Thanks again for your advice.



  • Come on Dietz - you mixing mad professor[;)]  - give us that 'softening' eq cut.  Really like these strings in most settings right out of the box - but there are some scenes I need them to be 'rounder' / softer less metallic.  

    Also - love the sordino cellos but they can be a bit boomy in certain ranges.   Using Steven's (SvK) techniquie for 'finding the culprit' and cutting only there on that note(s) has worked well (still working through this).



  • i ahev purchased several different libraries and NONE OF THEM work right out of the box.  The Vienna strings especially have a lot of high end that makes them sound artificial in many mixes.  I have heard others say they don't EQ at all, but some kind of plug in is getting rid of that synthy sound.  What might it be?

  • Too much high end ... Hmmm .... I find that the overall tone of everything is flat. I have to add a lot of high end on my mixes. This just goes to show that it's probably the audio interface that one uses that colours the EQ of the sound we get. I'm just using the built in Audio device .. so it's probably not the best. Be interesting to try several interfaces and DAW's to see the differences in EQ. I think it's very fair to say that the VSL has been recorded correctly and with precision listening gear .. so it's down to our DAW's to get the rest right.

  • Actually I'd be also interested in this question as I dealt with it partly in my latest piece (posted in another thread here). I tried to do it the other way around - boostingthe frequencies with narrow EQ bands to see which part would disturb the mix and then reverse the setting to subtract from the  signal while making the band a bit wider.

    Well, wouldn't it be cool to have a prerecorded passage to send out to people and see how they'd deal the mixing part on it (with special focus on EQ then)? Like a 30sec and five wavs for violins, viola, celli and contrabasses? I'd be around my computer setup again in the new year, perhaps some of you want to take a shot if I find some time to do it, ehehe ;)