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  • Any news about the problems of VE-plug-in and Logic 7?


    Is there any progression in finding the cause of the problems with VE and Logic 7 (and 8) when using it as a plug-in?

    I still cannot use VE in Logic, it will always crash.

     Is there a new version due of VE?



  • ?

  • gerard, i don't know if there is actually something that needs a fix except your setup ...

    just for fun i installed logic pro 7 and VE on an older G4 and though AU validation hung in a first run it finally runs without crashing.


    in detail: after setting audio to AU the validation started automatically but stopped at about 3/4 of the progress bar leaving a VE service popup window open.

    after quitting VE service from the menu bar the validation continued successfully and VE was listed in the logic Audio Units Manager (also VI was installed and is listed, though i didn't notice a message regarding its validation during the process above)


    have you already tried *the usual* ... verify/repair permissions, rescanning or removing and re-adding VE, re-installing (after a reboot), manual validation ...


    and remember: only a CRAY can run an endless loop in just three seconds.
  • Hello Christian,

    Thank you for answering me. 

    Did you also try to actually use the plug-in? I can also see it in the list of plug-ins (so the validation seems to be ok), but when I try to run it, I get the beach-ball, after a while the usual messages of VE services not available,  VE not being connected, I cannot reconnect, I have to force-quit VE and Logic crashes.

    I will try again to remove and re-install VE.

    Maybe it will help...