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  • Vienna Ensemble: a host for VSTis?

    Hi all,

    I am a new Vienna Ensemble user and have a question about how to integrate it on my running setup.

    In Studio I arrange and mixdown on Cubase 4, but from time to time I need a "reliable live" enviroment for the stage and use Plogue┬┤s Bidule running some VST-Instruments on it. It works really great and without pain, the problem is that I dont like Bidules┬┤s mixer... not my taste.

    My first impression about the VE was that I have found exactly what I need on stage. I like a lot his look and simplicity, and to my hears it sounds clean and beautiful... yes, i want to take it on stage!!!

    My question: there is a possibility to insert VST effects inside VE channels, but what about other VST-Instruments...?

    It will be pretty nice to play not only VSL VIs and to manage soundsets where VIs and VSTis can be placed and recalled!!!

    Is that possible at the moment?

    Thanks in advantage and thanks to all the people that make this site possible!!!



  • welcome Stillman, thank you for the kind words.

    you'd have to think of the VE as a *rack of VIs* and though you can insert VST effects you cannot insert other instruments (at least currently and AFAIK for the forseeable future)


    and remember: only a CRAY can run an endless loop in just three seconds.
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    @cm said:

    (at least currently and AFAIK for the forseeable future)


    Hmmm,this response sounds like there is a small chance that it COULD be a master for other VSTi's. Kind of like a simple version of FX Teleport!!! I love VE and ALL that is connected to anything VSL and I for one would LOVE to see such a device!!!!! Perhaps a pipe dream,but man if you guys could/would do this, I would pay even though it{VE} is free for now. VE ROCKS  as far as I am concerned and having it be like FX Teleport....well...bbbrrrrrrr..... I shudder at the happy thought!!!!!

    Please [;)] make it sooooo!

    Thanks for all of the Killer stuff!


  • yes, it would be great to see the VE will be developed in that way!