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  • Question about the downloadable SE editions

    Hey, I just have a question about the downloadable SE versions, which will be coming soon. Is the standard and the standard plus of the Special Edition the same as the SE standard and extended edition? Or is the standard edition the whole SE package incl. the extended versions? Since I am an Opus Bundle user, I think about purchasing the SE version, but when I compare the content of the packages it seems that the downloadable product contain different or less stuff than the "boxed" SE. I am asking because as a Opus user I could get the SE edition for around 450 Euros, but if the downloadable standard version is just the standard SE without the extended, I would pay much more in the end. Sorry, for the confusing post, but ... well, it is kinda confusing :) Thanks in advance!!

  • I think the Standard SE download library is supposed to be the same as the Standard SE DVD library .. but the Standard Plus is a new addition and is NOT the same as the Extended SE DVD. ..... But perhaps someone can correct me if I'm wrong about the first point.

  • Hetoreyn is right.

    There is no SE Extended content in downloadable form.

    Whether there will be an 'Extended PLUS' at some point in the future has not been confirmed or denied, as far as I know.

    (and please correct me if I am wrong too) 

  • Ah ok, thanks a lot for your answers. So it would make more sense to buy the SE boxed edition in order to get the discount because I have the Opus Bundle already and to receive the extended content.