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  • Love the look of the Vienna Ensemble!

    I don't know who designed the graphics of the"Vienna Ensemble" but stylistically it looks so good on a screen and I have to say it's the best looking design of all the software I use, so congrat to the designer of the Vienna Ensemble.

  • Yep .. I'm hoping for a whole sequencer like this :P

  • i am actually not in love with the interface.

    the color difference between an instrument and a master fader is not different enough.

    the blue and green look alike to me 

    the names of the channels are in a non standard place (on top of the track?).

    you can't change a position of the channel on the mixer only on the left panel.

    you can't re-name the track right on the mixer only in the left panel? 

    the VI plugin window get's that double square thing that needs to be touched in order to see a close button? all that to close the pop up window?

    the two step process to assign a send to a track.

    the only thing that i like is the fact that i can change my audio output assignments in a drop down menu.

    all of this reminds me of the way that Logic 6 and before works. i don't have L7 or L8 so i don't know if it has changed.

    very akward to say the least.


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    @Another User said:

    the color difference between an instrument and a master fader is not different enough.

    shift click on the name on top of the fader and colorize to your convenience ...


    and remember: only a CRAY can run an endless loop in just three seconds.
  • Hi all. I love the look of the interface.

  • Agree with Guy... The world best software look! To cm, Changing color with Shift click is a great feature... How can we return to default color? Is there many other tips like this? Is it in the book? If not would be nice to make a list of special Click! Thanks