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  • Waves vs.Logic Plug ins

    What do you think?

    Is there such a big difference in sound between the built in Logic plug ins and the Waves bundles?

    The price for waves is shocking!!!


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    @vibrato said:

    Obviously Waves have their own sound and are not comparable to sequencr plug ins.

    For my own purposes I did a shootout between Waves RenEq, Waves Q10 and Logic Channel Eq and easily preferred Logic's eq - I found it much smoother - it's a very obvious difference. Later I got Oxford EQ and preferred that over the Logic eq though. I still use the Logic Channel Eq a lot because it's very very quick to interact with. I haven't ried any of the SSL or API emulations that supposedly sound very good though I always wish they'd have modern interactive graphic dispays (like Logic eq) where you can change Q, freq and gain all at once, as opposed to mouse around 3 different virtual knobs.

    I still use RenComp, it has a brilliant interface and seems very flexible in terms of sound. However, fromwhat I hear the new Logic 8 compressor  is equally flexible now.