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  • VSL/MachFive2 overlap

    I have just purchased MachFive 2 and am awaiting its shipment. I have been thinking of purchasing Vienna Special Edition, but am confused on potential overlaps. Does anyone have any advice?


  • Dalevin, I'm owner of Kontakt 2 which is delivered with almost the same VSL package as MachFive... When VSL launched the SE bundle I bought it and let me say that ITS A PURE DREAM. Sound quality and usability are both outstanding. There is no comparison with any other tool or sound bundle... So, I'm not using VSL Kontakt package any more for orchestral purpose... More I'll soon buy SE + package... SE and SE+ is simply THE BEST and THE EASIEST... Hope to help Alain LeBlond Composer born in 1957

  • yeah i second that.. i have mach 5 v2 already & the instrument cube.. its nice to have a few bits in mach 5, percussion etc.. but nothing touches the VI player & quality of the VSL instruments, the overlap your worried about doesn't exist.. VSL is a different world & level to the mach 5 v2 samples...