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  • Migrated to new Mac Pro 8 core - No more licenses available

    Hi all, i migrated my old dual g5 to a new mac pro today, and all of a sudden the VI dont recognize any licenses though the dongle key is correctly attached. i don't have to run all the pay-for-software-and-as-a-reward-have-pain-up-the-arse-getting-the-whole-copyprotection-shit-to-run-properly-licensing-procedure again, do i? cubase wont work either, hangs on start - if anyone experienced the same and has a solution i'd be glad for help i'm extremely not so amused with wasting my time to get stuff i paied for to run boy was that easy the old days when we were kids and... ah you'll know :) btw how do you make linebreaks in a forum post? they are here in the compose window but not in the final post...

  • Have you installed the latest VI/VE software?

    Have you installed the latest Syncrosoft software?

    Have you checked the licence in LCC?

    Have you re-booted and done that permissions thing?



  • .....and why did you get a new Mac Pro today? Don't you read anything that's said on this forum? :(((((

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    @PaulR said:

    .....and why did you get a new Mac Pro today? Don't you read anything that's said on this forum? :(((((
    thanks paul, thats supportive i did buy a new mac because the old one was far too slow for what i'm working on an i'm afraid you're right - i don't have time reading all internet forums all day - do you? i tried using the search function though, but whatever i enter it does nothing than show the whole forum index again DG, thanks for the hints, i will check for the latest versions i didn't think of that because all was fine on the old system

  • Well I think what PaulR meant was, why spend so much money on a new mac. When in about 3-4 weeks you could have the new Intel's Penryn architecture based chip. And that been post every where.  But even thou, you still have a nice mac, no question about that.

  • well, it's never the right time to buy a new computer, there's always something new coming out the sooner or later. i had my mac ordered weeks ago and i'm glad i finally got it, its hell of a performance upgrade for me which will be fine for another few years ;)

  •  Sangit:

    You have an 8 processor MacPro - - a terrifically powerful machine that will likely give you quite a few years of service, so forget scoldings issued by self-appointed know-it-alls!!

    If you migrated from a PPC, none of the Vienna software will work correctly. Even if you migrated from an Intel Mac, DG is right, download the software from VSL and Syncrosoft. After doing so, open VSL's Directory Manager and see if your libraries appear in the window. If not, browse, until you find them and then add them. If they do appear, select all and push the "Rescan Existing" button.  Press the Custom Data button and see if the correct folder is selected - - it should be in MacHD/Users/Shared/VSL Custom Data.

    One important point: do NOT purchase additional RAM from Apple - - Apple charges exorbitant prices for RAM (7 to 8 times the market price for a set of 8 X 2GB chips. For example, Apple charges an unbelievable $4599 for such a set while the equivalent is available for $659.99 at Other World Computing and $608 at . RAM is a commodity made by only a few companies of which Apple is not one. Apple is simply a reseller of RAM just like Other World Computing and TransIntl. The main difference is that reputable third party vendors offer a "lifetime" advance replacement warranty - - if a chip proves defective, they send you a new chip and don't charge unless you fail to return the defective chip within a specified time period. Apple's warranty is the same as for the whole computer - - 1 year unless you buy the AppleCare extended warranty which adds an additional two years. You can read a more detail posting about this issue on the General Discussion part of this forum at General Discussion/"VSL Special ED.- 24" iMac or Mac Pro?"

    Hope this helps.


  • steve thanks for the advice, and thanks everybody for the help i reinstalled all components, lcc etc. - but still problems - i'm not sure that has to do with vienna, cubase now hangs upon trying to read from the license dongle aswell.... nuts

  • just a shot into the blue since you wrote *migrated from PPC to an 8-core* ... you do have everything installed new instead of moved your old system? at least for the vienna instruments software i'd recommend this. are you running 10.4 or 10.5 and does the license control center as such display everything correctly?

    is the dongle connected directly to a USB port or via a hub and are there possibly soem powerhungry devices also on this bus?



    ps: to search the forum type the text into the box and click search ... that's an issue currently with safari

    and remember: only a CRAY can run an endless loop in just three seconds.
  • hi christian, i'm running leopard everything vsl has been installed new, the licence control center aswell the licenses are displayed correctly in the lcc, but only if i freshly reboot as soon as i start cubase or a vienna standalone or whatever it crashes and i cant access the dongle anymore i'll check with steinberg tomorrow, time for bed now ;)