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  • Syncrosoft Dongle usable on new computer?

    Hi there,

    I own the VSL Special Edition and cannot use it on my new Intel Mac Pro. The standalone doesn't open and not even the sample library installs itself. My Syncrosoft Donlge is registered and was used on my old Mac G4. Do I have to re-register it for my new Mac or do I even have to buy another dongle? Are there any known problems with Intel Macs, is it advisable to download a more current installer for Intel Mac (my product was bought in summer 07)?

    Thanks for any help



  • Not that I'm any Mac expert, but you need to do the following:

    1) Install the latest Intel Mac software for VI (and VE if you wish)

    2) Install the latest Syncrosoft software.

    You can check that the licences are installed on the dongle by running LCC.

    You also can copy the sample files directly to your new computer without going though the installation process. Make sure that you use Directory Manager to "find" them afterwards, and probably re-boot. there may be some sort of permissions stuff to deal with. I can't help you with that.