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  • Is Syncrosoft the cause of my MIDI problems with VE?

    OK, I've been through three soundcards, two motherboards, four or five OS re-installations, and weeks of troubleshooting and I still can't get the VE to run on a slave with more than 3 GB of samples.  I'm really starting to think it might be a problem with the Syncrosoft license, and here's why:

    My MIDI works fine right up to the point where I pass 3 GB of memory allocated to the VE.  Since I have 8 GB of RAM installed and am running the 64-bit VE under XP64, I shouldn't be limited by the 3 GB problem.  However, there are still some 32-bit processes floating around.  So - there's a clear problem at 3 GB, which is VERY LIKELY related to the 32-bit limitation (right?).  So, what is running as a 32-bit process?  Well, there are four:





    I know for a fact that there are plenty of folks using the HDSP cards and loading more than 3 GB of samples, so it's probably not the hdspmix.exe or hdsp32.exe.  So that leaves the vsldaemon.exe and SYNSOPOS.EXE processes.  It must be one of those, right?

    In trying to figure out this problem, I have received lots of useful feedback from folks who are running 3+ GB of samples on slave machines with the same hardware.  However, there is one difference I have not been able to address: all of the feedback has come from folks running pieces of the cube and I AM RUNNING THE SE.

    So, here's the question

    Since the only folks having success with the VE and 3+ GB of samples on a slave have licenses for the cube, is there something about the license for the SE that is causing this problem?  That's the ONLY remaining difference that I can see...



  • rgames,

    I responded to your other thread. But it looks like I'm having problems now that I've downloaded build 2781. Midi problems. Not sure what's going on. But I'm doing some more tests.