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  • buzz-vibration on all notes of Upright pizz sus Vib and Vib-light?!


    I've just finished to install the new bass Upright but when i play with the 10 Up-pizz_sustain_vib and 11  UP-pizz_sustain_Vib-light, all notes et all velocities have a buzz (vibration) on the entire sounds..just like if something is vibrate on the instrument ?!!!!

    I hope this is not in the samples cause unusual, so ....What cab must I reload to have the right sound?

    Best regards


  • Hi Dup,

    that's easy, "Vib" means Vibrato.

    Just use patches without "Vib" or with the label "noVib" (no Vibrato) in the patchname

    Maybe the online pdf manual ist also helpful for you: 



  • Hello herb,

    Thanks for your answer but I know the difference between vibrato and vibration .

    but I'm afraid with your answer that it's on the sound !, the manner of playing the vibrato ?  

    Try with the 10 Up-pizz sustain and toggle for example betwen notes B2-C3 (Vsl scale)... then open an parametric Eq on a sequencer and boost at 12Khz (yes 12Khz) with 15db  and toogle between the same notes and play very stacc to not hear the natural vibrato ..can you hear the vibration of the C3? So is it my download or in the sound?

    I take these two notes as example..

    Best regards


  • Hi there,

    as I am just exploring the new upright bass I tried these patches with the EQ.

    The vibrating buzz sound you hear is normal for an upright bass when played pizzicato, especially when a note is sustained, the string makes this 'noise' on the fingerboard.

    I know this from my Cello and it is normal.

    So this is not a problem, it is a real authentic bass sound, and when it appears in an ensemble or a combo it may sound very organic and real.

    So we should be happy with it;-)

    If it would have been a download problem the installer wouln not have joined your cab files together I guess.

    So I think everything is fine with your files.

    Once more VSL released an incredible good instrument with a very high quality level, and I guess that other companies have to work hard to reach this level.