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  • Loading presets through AU plug in

    Can someone tell me how to load a preset other than the defaults when using the Vienna Instrument Audio unit plug-in? Thanks.

  •  Greg:

    There are three levels available, going from the simplest to the most complex, they are:

    Patch = 1 articulation loaded into one cell of a Matrix.

    Matrix = multiple cells with different articulations  loaded into each cell. Each matrix can have 12 horizontal and 12 vertical cells- - so it could, theoretically contain 144 cells. One changes articulation (cells) by using any combination of MIDI controllers and Keyswitches you wish. (You don't need to use keyswitches - - that's just one option. You can use one of the prefab matrices that comes with VI or make your own. When you make your own, save it to the VSL Custom Data folder.

    Preset = a set of multiple matrices. Theoretically one could have 12 matrices in a Preset giving you a potential total of 1728 patches per MIDI channel  (you might run out of RAM or processing power before you hit this limit). Moving between matrices in a Preset is accomplished by keyswitches or by using Patch changes (101-112 or 102-113 depending on the conventions of your sequencer (e.g. DP needs 102-113). Using patch changes is especially useful if the instrument in question uses the the full 88 note keyboard (e.g piano) making keyswitches impractical.One can deactivate keyswitches by double right-clicking them. 

    I hope this is helpful.