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  • Overdrive VI, the same in SE Extended and Downloadable?

    I am fiddling with the Overdrive patches on my SE Extended edition during my demo period. I don't know if I am doing something wrong but the results I can get are nothing near the fabulous sounds on the overdrive audio demos.

    Are the Overdrive patches on SE EXT a very cutdown version of the  Overdrive downloadable collection or is it essentially the same thing?

  • Hi Domenico,

    the samples are the same, just 24 bit and with a better Sample Player, the Vienna Instruments.

    Playing guitar on a keyboard is not easy - you need to know which articulations make sense at which time.

    I´d suggest to simply play around a little bit more and get to know the articulations!



    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Hi there Paul and thank you for the lightening-fast response!

    I am a bit confused here, the Special Edition Extended uses 24bit samples doesn't it? So I guess the overdrive samples contained in there are also 24bit. Whatsmore, as long as I have the SE I also have the Vienna Instruments Sample player.

    Just to make clear, I do not hav the Overdrive Giga/EXS library that was released a few years ago but the Special Edition ones. I really feel there must be a cutdown version in the SE Extended version.

    I wish I cleared up what I meant a bit. 

  • Hi,

    the Overdrive Guitar in the Special Edition is just a fraction of what you get with the "real" Overdrive VI.

    Of course the samples are 24 bit with the VI Overdrive, that´s what I tried to say....

    Makes sense?



    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL