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  • Download classic guitar price

    I don't remember how much did I pay for the Horizon Concert Guitar, but I don't understand why the downloadable Concert Guitar  costs so less than other Vienna products. Is it better or worse than the Horizon version?



  • It's much better,

    you can program and perform now using only one miditrack,

    all the performance stuff is completely reedited,

    Release sample options are much more advanced,

    and much more.  

    Regarding price:

    the concert guitar is a little more complex than overdrive,

    therefore the price is a also a little higher



  • OK next monday I will upgrade

     but I'm still curious about the price that's so less than other Vienna products (that's positive!!)


  • It would be great to have one or two demos clearly showcasing this new "advanced" and "reedited" progamming.

    As far as I remember, all the demos currently available on the page are from "Horizon times".

    Is it planned ? Soon ?

    I just purchased the Choir and Upright (downloading now, crossing fingers....), but already having the Concert Guitar for Kontakt, I don't think I'll get the VI version unless I'm obviously shown all the advantages for this library. (ditto for Overdrive, BTW) 

  • The big difference is, that you could produce all this demos much faster now, especially if you don't have to switch between 10 to 20 midichannels anymore. More or less everything could be performed life, if you are a good keyboard player.

    Of course there is now be a better sonically quality, because of 24 bit, but from a musical point of view, there is not much too improve, because allt the existing demos were produced with a lot of dedication and care.