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  • Install-uninstall?

    Hi, I got the SE and after installing VI, I was getting constant coreaudio errors and lost connection with the digi 002 rack and all kinds of clicks, pops and distortion, and after checking every possible combination of buffer size, updating coreaudio drivers, change cables and suggestions from this forum, I remembered that after downloading VI from the vsl web site, Safari suddenly quit although the file seemed to be fine after decompressing it. So I uninstall the VI and tried to download it again from the web site but it doesn't allow me. Is there any restriction if I already downloaded it once? Also, I tried to install it from the CD that came with the SE (which is earlier version 1.11) but when I try to install it, it says that there is nothing to install, even though I threw all files to the trash. Any help would be really appreciated, since it's been 3 days and I still can't make it work, very frustrating. Thanks. jj

  • no, there is no restriction to a certain number of downloads - we just had some problems yesterday so i'd ask you to revisit.

    apologies, christian

    and remember: only a CRAY can run an endless loop in just three seconds.