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  • Clarification about Download Products/Subscriptions

    Hi folks. Please forgive me ahead of time, as i am sure this may be addressed in one of the other threads about the new Download Products. But there seems to have been some confusion about the whole subscriptions and downloads. So i just wanted to ask this specifically...

    Okay, so lets say that all i wanted to get is the Soprano Choirs. ONLY the Soprano Choirs. Nothing else. No Monthly subscriptions (as of now,) but solely the Soprano Choirs.  Is this possible? I ask this because i have heard it mentioned that the intention of the subscriptions was not to make it an A la Carte service, nor a pick-and-choose situation.

    But presently all i would want to add is the Soporano Choirs, and it vaguely seems to me that the 4 special Download Products are in a sense 'separate' from the 54 subscription instruments.

    So then, can i do this? Purchase ONLY the Soprano Choirs (and, i assume  the V.I. "player"/GUI is included with this,) or am i additionally required to purchase a subscription in order to accessany of the 4 special new D/L instruments?

    Thanks for tolerating my inability to comprehend the structure of this new Download/subscription issue.


  • download products are here in two tastes - onetime downloads (soprano, upright, concert guitar) or subscription (special edition and SE +)

    each of them is a seperate product.

    hth, christian

    and remember: only a CRAY can run an endless loop in just three seconds.
  • Aye it certainly is. I bought the Soprano Choir a few hours ago .. works a treat.

  • Do you have to own VE to get the Choirs. When i try to check out i get an error.

    The page cannot be displayed

    There is a problem with the page you are trying to reach and it cannot be displayed.

    If the server is full i understand. But if not, do i have to get the VE before order thing the choirs.

  • No, everybody can buy the choir.

    You don't need to have other products.



  • Ok ty Herd, o any new stuff or cd's comming out from you soon. I just wait until the dust clears and try again. My friend surge get the same probelm too, on the site. Hmm i wait until later.