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  • First Download Products Online

    Some of you have already checked it out,

    the first three download products are available now:

    Soprano Choir


    Concert Guitar

    The subscription libraries should be available in a few days, we have to finalize a few maintenance adjustements

    in our webshop.

    Overdrive will be available in one to two weeks.

    Our musical director recorded another 280 powerchords last week, and we are finalizing the editing of the new stuff now.



  • I'm using the Soprano Choir right now. It is terrific. Can't wait to use this in songs. The process of buying was nice and easy. Small hiccup on downloading but otherwise flawless. I'm really quite happy with these. Thanks guys.

  • Just wondering what people with small bandwith or even modem connections can do,  will they be able to purchase a boxed version?

    Luckily my download was very fast and without interruption.

    Great job again VSL!!!