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  • Does the computer learn paths?

    This is a bit of a mystery to me what goes on inside the computer. I recently moved around some files, waves etc, between external drives, but not my VSL lib, however the repartition inside the drives was altered. The reason I'm very concerned about this is that before I started moving around folders (and I mean folders of 100GB) I was able to play in ram between 70 and 90 instances (one computer), but ever since the moving around I seem to be limited to about 25! And it's not because the disks are too full, there is a lot of room left on each one. Is it possible that with time the computer learns a path for each sample? Or is this ludicrous? Can someone please shed some light on this? Thanks, Guy

  • is it a mac? i think yes ... have you set the format of the drives to *not journaled* (which is what i'd recommend)?

    since you mention *repartitioning* it is probably not a fragmentation issue ... however new location could be slower ...


    *learning* does only work on system volumes (often used files are moved to the fastest areas), not for others


    and remember: only a CRAY can run an endless loop in just three seconds.