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  • VSL and Logic's "Space Designer" conv. verb

    hi folks.

    okay, before i say anything, let me state that i am already aware that i should just pony up the dough and buy altiverb already. however, im spending most my money on VI & other sounds right now, so rather than just tell me i should get Altiverb, help me out here...

     Am i crazy, or does Logic's Space Designer just totally suck? seriously, i cant seem to find a decent reverb that doesnt totally color the sound in an unpleasant way. Now, i was born & raised on 80's new-wave, so as far as what my ears hear,  i usually go with what  sounds good, which, to me, is synthetic reverbs (TC's, Lexicons, etc) and nice lush bright stuff like that.  But now that i am composing with much more realistic sounds (Orch Strings I & II) i feel that i should use more appropriate, non-synthetic verbs to get more "true" spaciousness. My TC Powercore, as gorgeous as some of the verbs are, just doesnt seem to do it with these strings. However, Space Designer's preset IR's are just so unflattering...

    Now, i realize that in most situations, strings are usually performed in Halls, stages, theatres, etc. But SD's are just really dull, or have distracting ER's that just muddy up the strings. So my questions are these, for any out there willing to take the time. . .

    • Does Space Designer just inherently suck, or is it merely their specific IRs that are the problem?
    • In order to get a realistic, thick, bright, lush verb, should i stick only to Hall-type verbs? (considering im using Orch Str.)
    • Any logic users have any preferences or tips on certain really nice IR presets in SD that they find useful and good sounding?

     really, im not a newbie. Its just ever since the whole Convolution revolution i have been less than impressed with Convo verbs. Maybe its just a matter of taste, but so far my experience with them is that they do TOO good of a job at sounding realistic, i.e., coloring the sound beyond what is musically appealing....

    thanks in advance.


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    Hi Michael,

    we have used Space Designer with the Special Edition Demo #1, you find the project files including the Space Designer settings here (look into the Logic files folder and the readme).

    Maybe you like that approach....



    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Thanks, Paul! i will check them out