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  • Help with approach using Vienna Instruments Special Edition

    Hi, 1. Can someone tell me if having "separate instances" of the audio units Vienna Instrument Plug for each of my tracks in Logic 8 is using more CPU power than if I just had one? I hoping that separate instance does not and the only resource being used up would be ram. 2. I have both the Vienna Instruments plug as well as the Vienna Ensemble plug showing up an have read the manuals but still a little confused. Which one should I use in Logic? It appears to me that the Ensemble app would be ideal for layering patches on a "single track" but not sure if there is more to this newly created APP. For example...Do you use the "Ensemble version for single sounds and have separate instances of the ensemble for each track? If so is this a CPU drainer 3. If you want to have one track for strings, one track for trombones, one track for clarinets..etc. in your arrange page of Logic... Which plug do you use and what is the best approach to maximize your computers resources? I get the whole key-switch, mod wheel thing to changes the patches on a given track. I am just trying to figure out which plug to use and how to get a workflow/approach and not waste computer resources. Thanks so much! Dave