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  • Which VSL collections include UNIVERSAL MODE?

    Which VSL collections include UNIVERSAL MODE? hm... can't seem to find 'em.

  • Hi Eberlaan,

    the Universal Mode is a special matrix that is included with all instruments where it makes sense with our "bigger" collections (not for the triangle [:)]).

    It is NOT included in the Special Edition.



    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  •  Hm. I have the same problem. Then which of the Matrix presets actually is the universal mode?

  •  Oh, I overlooked that Paul said the universal modes are not included in the SE..!

    But this acutally frustrates me. The Demos were for the SE,  weren't they? I at least had the strong impression they would. Zounds!

    What money do I have to spend to get those Universal modes? Does the upgrade to"extended" suffice?

  •  Wait ... is there any upgrade from SE to Extended? I don't see it on the products pages!

    I can't believe it...

    Please, someone help me!

  • Don't get your knickers in a twist over the Universal Mode. I haven't used those matrices in well over two years. it is so easy to make your own that I'm sure you will find better ways to work.


  •  DG, thanks for your comforting words! I'm just completely new to the VSL. Think you're right, I simply have to take myself the time to work through the manuals and tutorials, and taylor myself a "universal mode" for the instruments I need.

    Might be of some educational value, too...

    But still, some disappointment remains. ("Why haven't they simply added those darn matrices!!??" - "You can't always get what you wa-ant...!")

  • They haven't added the matrices because you probably don't have all the articulations necessary.


  • Good answer, yes, this may be the reason. Thanks again!

  • Also, when lusting after articulations you don't have, note that many of these more "exciting" options are monophonic only.

    I haven't quite figured out the rationale yet for which ones are available polyphonically and which ones are only monophonic.

    At any rate, I find the Universal Mode most useful just to quickly get an idea of the most practical horizontal switches.

    In most cases, you will find that there is a more purpose-focused matrix that covers your part better than Universal Mode. 

  •  The monophonic mode is the only option when transitions are in the focus, e.g. for legato or portamento patches. With chords, single note transitions would be highly ambiguous and hence cannot be realized in polyphonic mode.

    I am very happy with the monophonic mode for solo instruments, as this sounds more natural. I would indeed appreciate a "monophonic" switch for all patches to better layer monophonic with polyphonic patches. For example, I have created myself a "legato-sus" matrix for solo cello (since the original legato patch unfortunately doesn't sustain, as is well known to every user of VI, I'm sure). The legato patch is mono but the sustain patch is poly, so when I happen to get notes overlapping, the sound becomes unnatural. A "monophonic" switch for the patches would be really helpful. (VI programmers: might you consider this for a future update?)