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  • Help - bad DP problem

    I'm running DP 5.12 on a Mac Pro quad-core, OS 10.4.8, 9 GB of RAM.

    When I try to instantiate VE 2.0 as a plug-in in DP, I get the following message:

    "Unable to create Server Object. The Server application might be already running, or the requested network port is not available."

    After it scans, the "reconnect" window appears, along with a message: "Vienna Ensemble Sevice is not available."  When I hit "reconnect", nothing happens.

    It had been working fine - not sure what changed.  Is DP calling up the "VE Service" application as a plug-in, instead of the actual VE plug-in?  Anyway, I'm pretty stuck without an answer.

    Thanks for any help.