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  • A bit slow

    I've just installed Vienna Special Edition on my system which is as follows: imac 2.16 intel 2 GB 667mHz SDRAM Logic Express 7 Tascam US 122L I keep my VSL samples on a separate HD and they load up fine, however, loading more than two or three presets and there is a latency between my keystroke and the note sounding. This make for rather interesting sequencing. I'm sure I should have plenty of RAM for at least a full string section? Is there a special hidden tweak I could try? Thanks, Ned

  • What buffer is your soundcard set at?


  • I think 2 ms

  • Actually I don't know. There doesn't seem to be any information on buffer size on the US 122L manager. Or anything else you can adjust for that matter!

  •  Hello,

    In Logic Express goto Preferences>Audio and you'll see I/O buffer size. what's this set to? ......try 128 or 256 samples (or experiment, the lower you go the more this increases CPU load....i.e less plugin instances etc etc)

  • It's set to 512, and process buffer range set to Medium. Behaving better at the moment, and if I restart Logic the VIs seem to then behave better!