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  • where is the 01 bongos preset?


    Just received my percussion pack (standard + extended) and I'm trying the tutorial of Jay Ionisation but when import one of the *.fxp in a vienna instrumetn and open it I see a cell named : 01 Bongos and I have no sounds, nothing is looaded!

    On the right pannel under Percussion patches I don't find in any folder the name of "01 Bongos" where is it? ( and my son haven't take it!)

    Best regards


  • oops,

    perhaps am I poor lonesome cowboy from home without his bongos?

    Best regards


  • I looked on the Products part of this website and looked in Percussion and cannot see Bongos in the percussion list. Maybe it should be there and I just can't see it - maybe Bongos are to be added at a later date. Don't know.

  • Yes, Paul is right.

    There are no Bongos in the Percussion collections included.

    Sorry about the missleading Preset in Jay's tutorial files.



  • Hello,

    Thanks for your asnwers: very strange?..because I don't see where we can rename a cell in vienna instrument!?

    it's with the player3.fxp and cell 5A if somebody want  to check

    Best regards