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  • Vienna Ensemble AND Instruments?

    Sorry if this has been asked before. I was wondering how it is that after I installed Vienna Ensemble, my previous projects with loads of Vienna Instruments exceed by far what my PC is capable of. That is, before, my Vienna Instruments were running smoothly, now i can only get it to play without cracks due to CPU peaks again after I rebuild the entire project with Vienna Ensemble. Another user had this problem, as far as I can remember, but he just uninstalled Vienna Ensemble, but since I am now in the situation where I have both Ensembles and Instruments projects, I am hoping it will be fixed with the next update.



  • Oops, I should probably add that I am running Vienna Instruments (1.12) / Ensemble (2.02) under Cubase Studio 4.1 on a Windows Vista (32) AMD 3800+ dual-core system.

  • I have a similar problem. If I try to run the full orchestra in 4 instances of VE .. the CPU's are totally crapping out .. and I have 4 of them :P ... however I can run a similar session of VI's only within logic and everything is peachy .. after a fashion. I think for myself I need to wait for the 64 Bit version before the VE will be viable, but things do sound awesome through it. .... Going to talk about my findings on using the VE on the next podcast show. ... For me .. 4 instances .. and the 4 Altiverbs .. is just too power hungry on the CPU's to be effective .. I think I could run perhaps one instance of 16 instruments without any problems .. but I need more. .. or a better machine. Things do sound great through VE though.