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  • XP64 and VE - what are the real world results

    OK, so I'm thinking of upgrading several of my 4 PC's to XP64 to begin my move over to 64bit. I have one currently running Intel 2 Duo and can switch another one out for the same, put 8 gigs in both. My question is if I load up 7 gigs on a machine, what kind of real world performance can I expect? Just because I can load 7 gigs on one machine, doesn't mean it's going to handle 32 instances in VE going all at once. I know drive bandwidth comes into the equation here, but does anyone know what "roughly" one could expect? Has anyone at VSL (i.e Herb) taken a PC with 7 gigs on it and really worked it besides just loading it up and seeing if it would play a few parts? If so, what where the hard drive demands? I currently have all the VSI running of one sata 500 on each machine, which works perfectly. For an example, I constantly run two machines with at least 16 instances each (sometimes more depending on mem), just to do strings in most cases. So I've got probably some where of 60 to 80 voices streaming at on each machine for a typical string section pass (figuring for multi vel layers) Ideally, I would like to be able to condense the strings down to one machine, freeing up another for other use. Memory wise, this would be easy with 7 gigs. What I want to know is if one XP64 machine could deliver the same output I'm currently getting with two machines.

  • My concern exactly - I'm waiting on a new soundcard to be able to find out if 5+ GB of samples will actually work from a single system bus.

    As you mention, being able to load them is one thing.  Being able to play them is another.  Those of us with the SE are especially hard hit - we have to run the ENTIRE orchestra from a single machine, so the polyphony requirements are much higher.

    I can tell you this: using the RAM save feature, I have had cracks and pops when running tutti sections using the SE, and that's with only about 3 GB of samples (though most of those are being streamed).  My guess is that one of the standard libraries won't have the same problem because though there's more RAM used per machine, there's probably a much lower streaming requirement because you're never using that many of the articulations for a given library (i.e. if you have strings on one machine, you never play many of those articulations at the exact same time, unless you have some really wacky orchetrations).

    I should be up and running within a few days.  I certainly am hopeful - it's taken me forever to get up and running with the SE but I think it's going to be worth it if the polyphony problem can be overcome, but it's kind of a big if!


  • It would be great if Herb and co could run some real world numbers (as they have done in the past) to give us some bench marks with VE and Xp64.