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  • Baroque music on Special Edition

    Hi everyone,

    I set my mind on getting a VSL package, but  I need some advice regarding which exactly collection I need. 

    I write film music and it seems Special Edition suits my needs perfectly as it  claims to cover  "large post-romantic instrumentation".

    I also write baroque style counterpoint music even more often than I do the film music and  here's what I'd like to ask:

    1. Is vibrato possible in any way on SE strings? 

    2. Are convincing trills possible in any way on SE strings?

    3. When it gets as intimate as a string quartet does the fact that SE has fewer velocity layers than other VSL collections mean it'll sound less "true"? 

    I understand that ideally I need both SE and say, Solo Strings, but do you think a compromise is possible in favour of SE?



  • hi Michael,

    1. There is vibrato on strings in SE. But you can´t play strings without vibrato.

    2. What´s convincing? There are no trills performances. But I think with the possibilities of the Vienna Player (the parameters attack and release e.g.) you can create some acceptable trills (not perfect, but not bad).

    3. IMO the number of velocity layers is not a handicap. It sounds true. But for real String Quartet pieces you may need a bigger variety of articulations.



  • Thanks for your reply, Reiner.

    Regarding the first issue, I clearly heard non-vibrato strings in Pavanne demo of SE. On the other hand there is vibrato in "Somewhere over the Rainbow" demo. So, that confuses me. All that leads me to the following question:

    How is vibrato and non-vibrato achieved in SE?

    I appreciate your help greatly.