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  • Problems running VE as standalone and plugin at the same time

     When I run VE as a standlone - - addressed via an IAC bus, audio output routed to an AUX in Logic 8 via an aggregate device composed of a MOTU 2408 (audio outputs 1-24) and Soundflower (audio outs 25-40), it works well. However, if I also try to instantiate an instance of VE in an audio instrument, the result is distortion and feedback. Nonetheless, in the same circumstance, if I instantiate an instance of the VI sampler player in an audio instrument, it works fine. Any suggestions? I'd be most appreciative of help.


    Dual 2.5GHz G5

    7 GB RAM

    OS 10.5.1

    Logic 8/Logic 7 

    MOTU 2408