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  • Any quick way to install SE?

    Hi Help! :-) I'm doing some work away from home unexpectedly, and need to leave asap (late night, 20/11).. While away I will have some free time at night and was hoping to get some basic string arrangements done, using my trusty powerbook G4 1.5ghz... but while I used the laptop to setup the license for the SE dongle, the Vienna Instrument is on my Mac Pro. Is there any quick way to do an install of the SE, e.g. copy the main content to a FW drive and then install the Vienna Instrument after? ... My G4 has such a slow DVD, and I have only a few hours before leaving. any pointers much appreciated. Thanks in advance Chris

  • Install the software. Copy the content from your sample drive to the new one. Run Directory Manager. the rest will be all the usual Mac cr*p. [;)]