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  • VI and Cubase 4 cracks and pops


    I have a problem with the sound when running in Cubase 4, which is full of crackles and pops. It is fine in stand alone, but when runnig in cubase 4 I get these issues. I don't get these problems with the other samplers and instruments in cubase 4, such as kontakt 3 etc. Does anyone know if I am doing anything wrong or haven't thought of doing? Appreciate help.


  • What computer specs and OS are you running?


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    @DG said:

    What computer specs and OS are you running?



    HP9090 Q6600 Quad 2.4, 4 gig ram, Vista Home Premium - latest upgrades all installed.

    Running VI with Solo Strings, Bosendorfer Imperial and Saxophones.

    Also using Yamaha myLAN with Vista Drivers. No problems with anything else.

    Thanks for replying so quickly.