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  • Power Panning is a blast!

    My compliments for the vey excellent power panning feature in Vienna Ensemble. Tonight I set up a European string section: V1, Vlas, Vcs, V2, Basses. I tested with Appassionata Strings.  Using a test with Violins 1 + Violins 2 in unison with this setup really gave the impression of a realistic string section. 

    I'm still finessing it, but overall, it's a great sound.

    Thanks so much. 

  • Peter,

    Just a quick question.  Are you setting up the second violins with the 'same' AP samples?   Where are the two sections panned relative to each other.   Thanks for your reply.


  • Yes, and they're positioned across the stage in the order I gave them. 

  • Thanks Peter - I'll give this a try.   Do you have any issues with 'phasing' using the same sample set on the second violins?


  • try it yourself and tell me what your ears hear.