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  • To Moderators: Problem with my Vieena Key and my new VI products !!


        I hope all of you doing well..Yesterday I checked my vieena key and it showed me I got 80 days start..Today I installed my new 4 products of VI which are saxophones and chamber strings and orchestral strings I and II..What happened next while I am trying to start VE to check my solo strings extended library before I register those new products the screen showed me such "wrong syncrosoft License for orchestral bass and you can not start press ok to start syncrosoft licence centre'' It showed me this message 4 times for my new VI products then I started the syncrosoft license control center and I did the activation for my new VI products..But when I checked my vieena key it showed me I have got ''0'' start !! strange yesterday I got 80 and today 0..Please help me to solve this problem I am really want to try the extended library for the new products I bought..

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    shakuman, you can request demo licenses for extended libraries from after you have registered the respective standard libraries (no need for you now, because i'll send them to you)

    with the initially present 180 starts demo mode #1 license (for all VSL applications) the number of available starts is counting down everytime you *touch* something you don't have a license for on your key, so actually installing a new collection without having downloaded the license before will cost you available starts.


    and remember: only a CRAY can run an endless loop in just three seconds.
  • Many thanx  to you christian I got them [;)]