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  • Let's start a new thread-Working Systems/Set up Examples

    Often these threads are only about what's not working...useful for sure. But what might be really useful would be posts with details of systems that are working very well running VI and VE. Others could use these posts to make better choices about what gear to buy and how to integrate the whole thing. I am in the midst of getting a G5 system up and running mostly to run the Special Edition. When I get all the kinks worked out I will post my details here. Anyone else willing to share their WORKING set ups are encouraged to contribute.

  • Hello,

    Very good idea.

    I'm running a PPC G5 2ghz dual core with 2.5GB ram. Logic 8 (and 7.2.3) and 10.4.10 with Special Edition. I'm actually still running the beta version of VE.I tried running the 2.0 version but struggled to get it to work properly (could be me, might be VE's fault who knows). I generally get 16 instances with edited stripped down presets I tend to runout of CPU power before RAM!...I have a Maxtor 250GB one touch FW800 drive for samples. i also have a MOTU 828 as my audio interface.This setup works really nicely and is pretty stable. No trouble with bouncing in Logic8 either. I use Multiouts on the VE to run back to Logic via Auxes for reverb.

    I've also had the system running with 4 VE's (strings, brass,woodwind, perc ) using IAC and soundflower again pretty stable but my system isn't really fast enough to get more than 16 instances so I decided to just use one VE and add VI's to squeeze a few more out when possible,

    As a side not I use a Behringer nano midi controller for Velocity/expression/vel on/off etc....very cheap/very easy to use...

    Hope this is useful to people

  • I'm using a Mac G5 Dual 2 Gig as my main computer and 6 Mac Minis as slaves...all running VE. The VE has been performing beautifully on all of the machines (I did have an earlier post with a problem of notes cutting off but it ended up being a bad external HD). I just installed the "Friendchip DMX16" to input the Optical Outs from the Mac Minis and I have to say it is the best investment I've made in a long time. Brilliant if you're running multiple computers. The Friendchip then runs optically into my MOTU 2408 audio interface. I basically have a full orchestral set-up with all of the Minis and a full template set up in Digital Performer. i have to sayreally it's nice to have every instrument and articulation at your immediate access. This is great for the creative flow.

  • Here's my working set-up: 

    Windows Vista 32 Ultimate

    AMD 3Ghz Dual Core 

    4GB 800Mhz DDR2 memory

    Sceptre 22" HD view screen 

    Western Digital Raptor 10,000RPM system hard drive

    Maxtor 500GB 7200RPM external hard drive (USB)

    Hitachi 300GB 7200RPM external hard drive (USB) 

    USB Extention Card (PCI-E x1) 

    Nvidia Geforce 7950GT video card

    RME Multiface II Interface and PCI card

    Fatar Studio 900 Master Keyboard

    Presonus FaderPort 

    Sonar 6.2 Producer Edition

    Giga Virtual Instrument (first version)

    Vienna Instruments Special Edition

    Altiverb 6 convolution reverb

    I decided to go Vista rather than Mac because of a wider range of compatibility.  Not to mention mac gear is more expensive and there are less hardware manufactures to choose from (only mac).  But, hey, whatever floats your boat, I just hope people aren't afraid of Vista, as it's been a very good experience for me.  

  • Full orchestral template spread across two PCs:

    Each has:

    Asus P5WD2

    3.2ghz P4

    8Gb RAM

    80gb system drive

    RAID 0 Sample array - 2x 320Gb SATA2 drives

    Windows XP Pro x64

    One machine has an RME HDSP9652, the other an HDSP9632.

    Rock solid at 1.3ms, 7.5gb of sample loaded on each machine into VE 64-bit.

  • The following is my slave Mac system which I'm using to run VE as well as Rax 2 for some Kontakt stuff. G5 PowerPC dual 2.7/8 gigs ram/250 gig sys drive/500gig sample drive SATA 2 Able to load the following with the total Ram allocated to VE about 2.5 gigs. Close to the limit but have not had any crashes so far (knock on wood). From VI Special Edition- Flute 1 Oboe French Oboe Vienna English Horn Clarinet Bass Clarinet Bassoon Solo Trumpet Trumpet Section Solo Horn Horn sec 8 Violins 1 (from Orch strings) Violins 2 (reload of Violins 1) Violas Cellis Basses Violin (appassionata) Violas Cellis Basses Violins (Chamber) Violas Cellis Basses Harp Also running 4 instances of Kontakt 2 in Rax 2 for Mac on same machine Buffers are set to 512, workable for me but higher than I would like to get the most polyphony- audio card is RME HDSP 9652