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  • Vienna Instruments Special Edition + Pro Tools on a laptop

    Looking for advise.

    My daughter is at music school.

    She uses Pro-tools  (and also Nuendo) running on a laptop  2.2Ghz + 2Gb ram

    I want to get her some orchestral sounds and thought VI SE might be good.

    Will it work on a PC running Pro-tools     (or Nuendo)

    Are there different version to buy for each software package?



  •  Hi Malc, 

    the Special Edition will not run in ProTools on a PC (only RTAS for Mac available), but it will run fine within Nuendo.

    You will want a dedicated harddrive to stream the Special Edition from (preferrably Firewire).

    Could you provide some more info on the specs of the laptop? What kind of processor is it? How old is the laptop?



    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Thanks paul.

    Machine is brand new. 

    Its an Intel Dual Core 2.2Ghz so quite fast with 2Gb.

    Disk is 5400rpm.

    Shame it can't run with pro-tools on PC

    What can run with Pro tools in the orchestral department - she is into film music.


  • Hi,

    sounds like a good laptop [:)]

    Of course you can never expect the same performance as with a desktop machine, but you will be fine for smaller arrangements (and when the CPU is reaching the limit, you can simply bounce the audio material).

    Nuendo is not a problem at all....

    As an alternative, there is a small free VSL library included in Kontakt, this can also be a nice start and will work on ProTools (no comparison to the Vienna Instruments, of course). 

    Hope that helps!



    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL