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  • Some patches not working in OrchStrings I?


    I sent this to support over a week ago, but so far I haven´t gotten an answer. So I thought to come here for help... Here goes, this is what I wrote:

    Then I started trying out the libraries in Cubase 4.1. I started loading patches and playing them. Everything else seems to work fine, but the "20 Strings Orchestra ---> 01 BASIC ARTICULATIONS" patches won´t work at all. It can´t find the sample wav files and then it will crash Cubase (A serious problem has occured...).

    So what to do? Hope somebody can help me out.

  • Of course it won't work. Strings includes Cellos and Basses, and you don't have those, as they are in Orchestral Strings II. DG

  •  Oh, stupid me! Didn´t realize it... Thanks for clearing that up!

  • No problem. I made the same mistake nearly two years ago and my face is still radiating heat.