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  • VE bug or Logic8 bug ?

    Difficult to work with that bug : what happens is that if I have a midi sequence with consecutive long substain chords, when I start playback exactly on the beginning of any chord, VE will only play the begining of the notes of the chord and remain silent up to the end of the same chord. So VE will play only like the first half second and cut immedialty the sound up to the next chord that will play normaly.

    Now, if I position the SPL just a little before the beginning of the chord, the substain notes of the chord will be play entirely.  

    Also- same bug - if I start playback in the middle of a chord, the chord will remain silent up to the next chord (that will play normaly). This is of course with Logic set to "chase" substain notes.

    Looks more like a VE bug has all that doesnot happens with the VI in Logic8. Anybody has encounter this problem ? 


    Mac Pro - 2.66Ghz - 9 Gig Ram -  OSx 10.4.9

  • I was having the same problems since the days of Standard and Pro Editions! But it didn't seem to all that common and I never found any sense of resolve. This can happen in VE or the regular VI Cube even with one track going. The note will just stop. I've seen this more in Logic, fwiw. One thing I am experiencing is that upon playback some sounds don't start right away and playback has to be restarted. I'm using a G5 2.5 Dual and a MacPro 3G, both with 8GB RAM.

  • Hi,

    Unfortunately this is a very, very old Logic bug and they did not solve it in L8 :-((
    I have this problem with ALL Software Instrumenst including EXS, Atmosphere, Ivory....and so on.

    The only solution, as you already mentioned is, to place SPL short before of your music starts.


  • Hi Christian, as I said in my message, the specific problem I described doesnot happens with the VI itself, only with the VE. It doesnot happens either with the ESX or any other instruments in logic 8. So I am not shure if you are not speaking about a similar bug in logic8 that happens only with 2 consecutive but same note (ex. 2 consecutive do) that are legato (that means that the end of the first note end at the beginning of the next one). This one is indeed an hold logic bug but the one I am speaking about is a little bit different has it happens with any notes and also with chord. Does vsl has nothing to say about this problem ? Michel

  • Hi Michel,

    Sorry for not reading your first post accurate enough. Now I tried exactly what you have written and I also discovered this behaviour in Logic7.
    Again I think this is somehow related to the bug in Logic that I also have with other Software Instrumenst, but it definitely is also related to the VE in this case and we will look into this soon.
    When I moved the notes about 20 ticks to the right it started to work, so we have to look if it is related to buffer size or something else.

    Thanks for reporting.




  • I've noticed a very similar issue in Logic Pro 7.2.3 when using VE.  If I write a quick line in Logic (say staccato 16ths at 120BPM), when I play it back , even if I start playback well before the part actually begins - ie. in 'empty space' in the arrange window, as soon as it starts playing, the first 2-3 notes are completely out of time (played late and then too fast), and then after that it plays correctly.

    It's almost like there's some kind of MIDI buffer going into VE which is not able to respond quickly enough, resulting in the first few notes being out of time.

    Would be good if this could be addressed.