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  • In need of the Atliverb 5 for PC demo

    Does anyone of you have the installer for the Altiverb 5 for PC demo?

    Audioease has pulled the demo from their site, waiting for the version 6 demo to be finished.

    I need to check an upgrade/addition to my IR-libraries to support Altiverb 5 and 6 with wave files (AV still uses mono files with specific naming conventions).

    Thanks in advance! I can be reached at peter(at)


  • Hi Peter,

    If you didn't have any luck so far, then you're in luck now: I do.
    Just let me know if you still need it.

    Kind regards,


  • Hello Alex!

    Yes, I could still use the demo for doing some final checks. I have prepared a correct setup of my IR-libraries for Altiverb 5 & 6 (tested by a customer) but I want to verify again if I can use longer filenames than with the Altiverb 4 for Mac version. So far, Audioease has not replied to my mail and post on their forum about this.

    Is it a big file? I do not have limits on my email, so maybe you can simply mail it to peter(at)

    Thanks in advance!

    VSL: sorry for the topic being off-topic!

  • Hi Peter,

    It's about 60 mb. That's probably not gonna work via email.
    But of course there other ways. I'll send you a PM, since this is probably not so interesting for other forum members.

    Take care,