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  • Best Guitar Reverb (with Altiverb)?

    Hi all,

    What's the best reverb for the Vienna Concert Guitar?

    I'd like to get a mellow, warmth, depth, "rich" but not too heavy reverb--maybe like the VSL guitar demos.

    I just bought Altiverb, but I find all the variations a bit daunting. Can't find a good sound.

    What are your favorite halls and parameters?

    P.S. I was willing to use gigastudio's reverb, but it sounded too heavy.
    I was even ready to use Cubase SX2's reverb 'cause it's quick and easy. Any sugestions for getting any of these to sound better?


  • As far as I remember, the Concert Guitar demos were mixed with just a little bit of a jazz-club IR that is available for the Waves IR-1, and partly with a more chamber-music oriented room. Our main goal back then was to keep the actual sound of the instrument as pure as possible.

    If you _really_ need the details, I would have to dig out my backup-HDs to take a look at the actual settings [;)]


    /Dietz - Vienna Symphonic Library
  • Hello CAP,

    Taking the risk of getting a reprimand from the VSL staff, I'd like to point you to my two Samplicity IR libraries. These are judged by several Altiverb owners as being far better than the IR libraries included with Altiverb that were created using the same two top-end reverb devices. I am very sure you will find excellent ambiences for guitar applications in these libs. Contact me by mail (peter(at) if you have any questions or if you want to receive a free True-Stereo IR set.

    Or maybe even better: send me a short Wave or Aiff file so that I can try to find a good IR set for your recording(s). Preferably in 24 or 32 bit format.

    The libs are created using the TC 6000 and the Lex 960.

    (this is not a true commmercial project, making me any "real" money - I just wanted to have the sound of these two devices for my own applications)

  • Deitz,
    Thank you so much for clarifying how the guitar demos were recorded. I'll see if I can match those settings using Altiverb.

    Thanks for your incredibly generous offer. I'll send a wav file to your email address, in the next couple of days.

    All the Best,