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  • OK...Is It GETTING CLOSE to Shipping Yet???

    How long now?


  • Newest info says VSL will have it valentines day (the 14th). It will then go to distributors, who then will ship to us all. Optimistic would be that we europeans have our hans on it friday, but a more real estimate would be about the 20th.

    It all depends on how fast VSL passes it on to the distributors, and how fast they send it to us. If VSL ship it the day they receive it, and the distributor do the same then we will all be happy [:)]

    VSL - What are your plans in regards to this? Do you pass it to distributors tuesday or wednesday?

  • And how about an estimate of when Ilio (the USA Distributor) will get it? Thanks [:D]

  • Any news on this?