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  • I can't wait!!

    Herb can you say us when the packages will be available?'s not a date for me... [[;)]]

    I cant' wait!! [:D]

  • In the USA, I'm guessing February 15th? Is that a safe assumption? Could it perhaps even come before that?

  • When it comes to expecting things and release dates - I tend to be pessimistic. It's very seldom that you get something before you expect it :-/

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    I just got an email from Time and Space:

    @Another User said:

    As you may have heard, release of the first five Vienna Instruments which comprise the Symphonic Cube has been delayed slightly. These products are currently being manufactured and are expected to arrive in the UK in mid-February. Upon arrival at Time+Space’s offices in Devon, we will commence shipping these products to all Early Bird customers straight away. Depending on your location and preferred shipping method, shipment may take up to one week.

    So March it is then [:(]