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  • Interval Performances vs. Fast Interval Performances

    Hello all,

    Is there anyone who could explain the difference between interval performances and Fast interval performances in the Vi solo strings?

    I'm looking at the articulations in for the VI Solo Violin.

    And while I'm asking about it... what's the difference between exisiting content and new content (are they talking about standard vs. extended or is everything in that articulation list included in the standard edition?)


  • Well normal is normal, fast is fast [;)] Actually with the normal interval perfomance files it may has been a bit problematic to create rapid movements e.g. in legato. So VSL did the faster versions for better transitions when used in faster passages.

    Existing content: What can be found in libraries availible pre 2006 (i.e. all sample libraries from Pro Edition C.O.P. and Horizon series)

    New content: well, err, new content that wasn't there before! (Actually they say the reedited all the samples and now everything is 24bit in the VIs whereas the sample libraries only have 16bit resolution, so everything is kinda new, but the recordings are the same.)